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The International Middle School Debate Tournament will be held in Zagreb on April 20, 2024.


Location: The tournament will take place at II. gimnazija Zagreb, located at Križanićeva 4.


Motion: Teachers shouldn’t be allowed to have public social media accounts.

The tournament will consist of 3 rounds + a final. Two rounds will debate on the given motion, while one round will debate on an ad hoc motion for which debaters will have 60 minutes of preparation time.



Registration fee is 10 euros per debater.

Registrations are open until April 10, 2024. To apply, fill out the registration form and send it to prijave@hdd.hr. Judge allocation rule is N/2.


Rules: Debates will be conducted in the KP format. First speakers will have 5 minutes, while second and third speakers will have 4 minutes each. Cross-examination will last for 2 minutes, and each side will have 8 minutes for preparation.

CAP: 40 teams


Download the tournament schedule here.


Contact: For any further information, please contact prijave@hdd.hr.